Vinyl Record Manufacturer

Addison, TX U.S.A.


"Meet the Record-Pressing Robot Fueling Vinyl’s Comeback" (VIDEO) - WIRED

HAND DRAWN PRESSING "Most Advanced Vinyl Pressing Facility in the World"

Hand Drawn Pressing is the manufacturing arm of Hand Drawn Records, and is focused exclusively on vinyl record pressing. Founded in 2014, the business simplifies the vinyl record ordering process, allowing musicians to focus on writing music and connect with fans.

Hand Drawn Records is poised to become the king of the vinyl world.
— Teresa Gubbins, CultureMap Dallas
Hand Drawn Records will formally open the most technologically advanced vinyl record-pressing facility in America...
— Cole Field, Central Track
Building a vinyl pressing plant in 2016? For one North Texas company, it makes all the sense in the world...”
— Shawn Setaro, FORBES
...Hand Drawn Pressing, potentially, one of, if not the most, productive vinyl-manufacturing facilities in the country.
— Preston Jones, Star-Telegram
...most innovative record press to reach the market in record pressing history
— Amar Ediriwira, The Vinyl Factory
Hand Drawn Records will soon have the unique capability to uphold the human factor of music consumption while melding cool with quality..
— Audrey Rodriguez, Dallas Observer
...with a target of pressing about 1 million records a year; this would not be remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that only 15 to 20 plants are operational stateside.
— Marc Hogan, PITCHFORK

"Helping Artists Help Themselves"