Vinyl Record Manufacturer

Addison, TX U.S.A.



Hand Drawn Records is poised to become the king of the vinyl world.
— Teresa Gubbins, CultureMap Dallas
Hand Drawn Records will formally open the most technologically advanced vinyl record-pressing facility in America...
— Cole Field, Central Track
Building a vinyl pressing plant in 2016? For one North Texas company, it makes all the sense in the world...”
— Shawn Setaro, FORBES
...Hand Drawn Pressing, potentially, one of, if not the most, productive vinyl-manufacturing facilities in the country.
— Preston Jones, Star-Telegram
...most innovative record press to reach the market in record pressing history
— Amar Ediriwira, The Vinyl Factory
Hand Drawn Records will soon have the unique capability to uphold the human factor of music consumption while melding cool with quality..
— Audrey Rodriguez, Dallas Observer
...with a target of pressing about 1 million records a year; this would not be remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that only 15 to 20 plants are operational stateside.
— Marc Hogan, PITCHFORK