LISTEN UP: "Hand Drawn Records, A Compilation, Volume 5"


"Hand Drawn Records, A Compilation, Volume 5"


Our award-nominated compilation series continues with “Volume 5,” featuring all Texas-based artists.

“Volume 5” is a marriage between live cuts (”Here’s to You” recorded Live at University by Mr. Carter Davis & “Sun Empress” recorded Live at Evergroove Studio by Jack Kerowax), to intricately produced studio tracks (”Luminescent Eyes” by Blue Healer & “Boundaries" by Cut Throat Finches). Beyond the movement between form is the expansion of genre, afield from past efforts into blends of sinister indie funk (”Let Them Drown” by Jonas Martin), haunting Appalachian folk (”Waiting to Collide” by Tennessee Stiffs) and droning psych-rock (”Indian Summer” by Lord Buffalo).

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